Travel Systems are a fascinating view on the History of Information Technology

Whether you call them Central Reservation Systems or Global Distribution Systems it's the basis for Airline/Hotel/Car/Insurance/Tour Operators to distribute their wares to both Agents and the Public alike. From the Earliest American Airlines system through the SABRE, Galileo, Abacus, Amadeus systems, to the Low Cost Carriers, we've worked with all of them at some point.

Because the Travel Reservation Systems have such a history (pre-dating the public internet), they also have the biggest legacy. These big systems used the oldest technology in terms of green screens, networks, business logic and databases. Using newer technology around these systems often resulted in quite strange technology stacks. For example, a java-based financial settlement system between travel agencies and suppliers, when the only user interface was a green screen painting characters on a display with 64 columns and 15 lines with a proprietary network running at 2400bps...that's BITS per second!

Itineraries are identified via the GDS PNR (Passenger Name Record) otherwise known simply as the booking reference. Itineraries contain "Segments" of travel which are inter-related through contiguous time. Each segment can have additional information associated with it (SSR special service request,OSI other service information). Other attributes of an itinerary include Passenger details (name,age,SSRs), ticketing and form of payment. When building an add on, for example a tour system, itineraries are a key modelling component.

We can offer integrations and builds of complex systems as required.