Mentation is an Integration Specialist. We integrate various systems together.

Our Promise to You

We don't have great (i.e any) marketing skills, so we rely on word of mouth. One happy client leads to more (happy) clients.


  • promise to understand your business and work with you to the best of our ability.
  • won't over-quote with fixed price quotes, rather we will offer a good faith estimate. Normally these come in pretty close to and usually under the original estimate.
  • will supply you with a version controlled copy of the source code and instructions on how to setup and build. This insures you, the client, against our business relationship coming unstuck (or getting run over by the proverbial bus).
  • will be frank and fair about technical debt and what it means going forward.

Our Clients

We have an ever growing Client list who we consult with and build custom solutions for.

When you engage us, we work through producing abstracts of your business. The Abstracts page describes this process in more detail.