Inventory (Stock Keeping) Systems are the "Source of Truth" for Product supplying E-Commerce businesses

When we say "Source of Truth", this is what most integrations are extremely poor at

It is vital for a business to have real time (or as near to real time) distribution of it's product data out to retailers. As a minimum:

  • Stock (inventory) Levels
  • Pricing including cost, specials, rrp, discount rules
As a professional courtesy:
  • New Products and their Variants
  • Updated Products and their Variants
  • Removed/Expired Products and their Variants
Really nice to have:
  • Categories
  • Tags / Metadata (include SEO)
  • Images / Media
  • Detailed Description / Other Publication Material

We can offer integrations from multiple systems including CIN7, Toniq, MYOB Advanced. We can also develop in house inventory systems if current systems are too limiting.