Accounting Systems can be either viewed as a pain point or as an asset for managing a business.

Unfortunately accounting systems can be a closed shop relying on "feature marketing" to get their sales.

At best these systems have a high barrier for entry either through high fees or restricted developer access.

At worst they can cripple a business.

We can offer integrations to various Accounting Systems including Xero. We can also develop in house double-entry accounting systems tailored to suit individual businesses. This may be a better solution in your case, especially if you're having lots of problems with your current accounting system.

Mentation is a certified Xero Developer. We've built a Xero based Invoicing Solution for time-based Contractors using Google Calendar as the basis for input. Xero is generally a good fit for small to medium businesses.

We've also implemented custom invoicing and payroll solutions for some Australian companies.