The Technology Stack has become more complex over time.

This is especially true with Services in the Cloud. I'm an Architect, so I design systems. I'm a developer, so I build those systems.

What I build those systems in is my choice, so when I get asked to look at a pre-existing system, I don't often like what see, and will often recommend a migration onto another technology.

That's gonna be the same with most developers working in technology silos, because there's so much choice and variation today, it's just impossible to be a specialist in every language and platform.

It's really important that you pick the right tools for the job in hand.

Our Choices



Postgresql / Sqlite / REDIS / REST/GraphQL / Ubuntu / Amazon Web Services / Google APIs / Open Source

Patchability is the Product Umbrella for our Integration Suite.

patch·a·bil·i·ty, adjective

the state or quality of being connected or hooked up (circuits, programs, conversations, etc.)

Most of Patchability consists of customised code for clients. We can take our base system abstracts and taylor them to your exact scenario.

The Systems we can integrate between include Xero, Google APIs, Amazon Web Services, CIN7, MYOB Advanced, Shopify, Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus to name a few. Basically ANY system that has an API (published or otherwise). We are quite happy reverse engineering databases as well (where APIs aren't available).